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The Cavalaire & Green Tourism

Our policy

At The Cavalaire the whole team are committed to minimising our impact on the environment through sustainable tourism – your enjoyment and experience of our accommodation and our commitment to maintaining our high standards of quality and service remain paramount.

We remain committed to reduceing the environmental impact of our activities by encouriaging our staff and Guest's to join us in adopting practices that make our own small but important contribution to the 'green' effort. Thus ensureing the continued enjoyment of the environment around us for future generations.

Some of the things we have done to reduce our impact

  • Attended ‘Green Advantage’ through ‘Tourism South East’
  • Attended ‘SUMMS’ Course in four modules through ‘EcoSys Environmental Management & Education’
  • Organic, Fair-trade, recycled and local produce where possible
  • Introduction of a towel and bedding policy
  • We now recycle over 80% of our waste
  • Local suppliers wherever possible
  • Energy and water saving measures introduced throughout
  • Recent refurbishment's using water / energy saving devices

Please read on for a more detailed account of the actions taken and the things we have planned for the future.


  • To reduce our consumption of electricity most of our light bulbs are low energy and low wattage and we always make sure to turn any unneeded lights off.
  • Our kettles are small with the latest ‘flat’ element for energy saving.
  • We encourage all our guest’s to switch off lights when not required.
  • Our curtains are all fully lined and interlined.
  • Every radiator is fitted with a thermostatic valve for optimum heating levels in each room.


  • We recycle all paper, glass, aluminium, wood, cardboard electrical equipment, by using the local collection schemes.
  • As we replace our furniture, bedding, crockery/china etc. it is given a good home at the shelter for the homeless.

Water Conservation

  • Our toilets are fitted with cistern Sava-flush bags.
  • We provide tumblers for teeth washing to save on running taps.
  • We have a water butt in the garden which we use for watering plants and shrubs

Sustainable Transport

  • We promote the use of public transport both en-route and during our guest’s stay.
  • We provide up to date bus and train timetables.
  • We promote the use of Tuc Tuc during the summer these are gas powered taxi’s and more friendly for the environment.
  • We provide maps and give advice on walks and cycle routes in the area.
  • We provide information on local cycle hire centres.

During your stay with us we ask you to help us in a few simple ways.

  • In your room you will find a ‘green’ bin marked “recycling” in this we ask you to put any newspapers/magazines, plastic or glass bottles, cardboard and drinks cans
  • When you treat yourself to a new pair of shoes please leave your shoe boxes at the shop
  • Please switch off the lights when you leave the room
  • Please note our towel policy, if you require your towels to be changed please let us know – we are happy to provide fresh towels on request. We encourage guests to re-use their towels for as long as possible.
  • Use of our WiFi is free but a donation in the collection box for a local charity, to be found in the hallway, is greatly appreciated so we can help the local community.
  • Please use public transport as much as possible during your stay bus and train timetables, cycle route information and cycle hire information is available on request.


  • Where possible we ensure that suppliers understand our environmental policy, and encourage them in developing responsible behaviour with regard to the environment.
  • We purchase all stationery from a single supplier who use recycled materials on a wide range of paper, pens, pencils. They also have a collection and recycling service for business machines and ink cartridges.
  • We are phasing in cleaning chemicals that are chlorine free.
  • We bulk buy to reduce packaging and deliveries.


  • We will always make time to discuss our policies with our Guest’s, friends, and associates about how we can improve our environmental awareness and help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We are continually reviewing our policies and sourcing better, greener products and methods. We regularly assess processes and achievement in environmental practices. If you have any ideas or comments about our environmental practise please do not hesitate to approach us with them. We are always keen to hear of new ideas.

Things in the pipeline

  • Composting of ALL food scraps / dead flowers / egg boxes etc. – Resulting in a 100% recycling of ALL waste

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We are proud to have been awarded Four Stars with a Gold Award for Guest accommodation by VisitBritain.

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